Cordless blinds are an easy and safe aid in child-proofing

Oct 12 2010

Making sure windows are safely child-proofed gives parents peace of mind.
Making sure windows are safely child-proofed gives parents peace of mind.
Child-proofing a home is a major undertaking, but well worth the time and effort it takes to make a house safe for babies and young children. reports that window guards can prevent entry or exit by a child while the windows are open during warmer weather. They work best for double-hung windows, but there are styles to match sliding or crank-style windows as well. Guards are recommended for any window that is above ground level, allowing one window to have a device that allows a quick escape in an emergency.

Eliminating the dangers of cords around children is even simpler. Cordless blinds and window shades offer a parent peace of mind and allow the blinds or shade to be raised and lowered easily without cords that can harm a young child.

Window latches and locks also protect children by preventing a window from being pushed open beyond 4 inches, the maximum child-safe distance, according to the child-proofing website.

Also, furniture that can be easily climbed by a child should not be placed near windows. Window screens won't prevent them from falling through windows because they cannot hold the weight of a child who pushes against them.
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