Explore lighting options with roman shades

Sep 30 2010

Explore lighting options with roman shades
Explore lighting options with roman shades
When arranging furniture in a room, homeowners often neglect to consider the impact that windows will have on the way that natural lighting enters the space, which is something that can have a significant benefit to the area's overall aesthetic.

For this reason, it's best to initially consider how windows will filter light and furnish the home accordingly, The London Free Press reports.

The most amount of daylight generally enters a home through windows on the north wall, so take that into account when positioning a television or couch. If homeowners are looking to keep a room as brightly lit as possible, the news source suggests having windows on adjacent walls, so that the glow can fully reflect in the area.

When installing new windows, it's also important to consider what's outside. Try having windows face calm landscapes or beautiful gardens, so that sitting in front of them can be a visual treat.

Implementing a window at the end of a long hall can also add a unique effect to the space by creating a whole new dimension of light and color in an otherwise bland part of the house.

When selecting window treatments, it may be best to choose shades that are versatile, such as roman shades. These treatments are available in a variety of light filtering or room darkening models, so homeowners can customize the amount of daylight allowed into a home.
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