Create a pet-friendly environment with cordless blinds

Sep 23 2010

Create a pet-friendly environment with cordless blinds
Create a pet-friendly environment with cordless blinds
Americans are well-known for loving their pet, and many homeowners go through a lot of trouble to accommodate their furry companion in a residence. There are 82 percent of American households with cats and dogs living alongside their owners, and the Hartford Courant suggests some simple steps that can make things comfortable for pets and people alike.

First of all, it's important to invest in removable covers for upholstery. Slipcovers and duvets are good alternatives to traditional bedspreads or pillows as well, because they can easily be washed when covered with fur.

Hardwood, vinyl or tile flooring are all adequate surfaces for a pet. Carpets or rugs can sometimes be troublesome, due to pet hair gathering in the fabric. However, it may be wise to forgo wooden furniture if a puppy is practicing the use of his teeth.

There are also customized pet items that can make a cat or dog's life easier. Pet ramps, steps, feeding stations and closets can all be ideal additions to a household that wants to show affection for four-legged residents.

Another home improvement that many may overlook is that of window treatment. Cats can paw at dangling cords or low-hanging drapes, so it may be best for homeowners to invest in cordless blinds, which will give very little for pets to play with or chew.
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