Help sell a home with custom drapery

Sep 23 2010

Help sell a home with custom drapery
Help sell a home with custom drapery
While it's a historically difficult time to sell a house, the proper preparation can often make or break a deal when a homeowner is trying to show off a residence to prospective buyers. For this reason, it's best to touch up every room to appeal to visitors. suggests that one of the primary ways to renew a room is to stage a home. Taking a look at the examples of living rooms or kitchens in interior design magazines can provide fresh ideas.

Creating a focal point in a room by rearranging the furniture can make a substantial difference. It may also be beneficial to decorate with colorful upholstery, creating a pattern of coordinating carpets, pillows and blankets.

Another basic step is to create a space that potential buyers will be able to picture as their own home. This means removing personal belongings from each room and replacing them with neutral items.

"When you own a home, you're so emotionally attached to it, you don't look at it objectively," Elise Fish, who recently sold her home, told the news provider.

Experts claim that custom drapery is another effective way of increasing a home's value and improving its aesthetic appeal. These elegant window treatments can be made to reflect a tasteful atmosphere and provide a beautiful solution to glaring outdoor light.
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