Fashion, interior designers team up for charity event

Sep 22 2010

Fashion, interior designers team up for charity event
Fashion, interior designers team up for charity event
Fashion designers and interior designers are often thought of occupying two different realms. However, according to WABC-TV, the two disciplines came together to create attractive rooms that are currently on display in New York City.

The event, which donates proceeds to the Charitable Arm of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, provided teams with a bare room and gave them four weeks to renovate it.

The news provider reports that one of the more appealing spaces was imagined by interior designer James Rixner and fashionista Josie Natori. Rixner drew inspiration from Natori's use of linens and fabric in her clothing line, and incorporated some of them on a bed.

"I think the Tibetan feeling of serenity comes through very, very nicely," Rixner told the news source. "Josie and I are on the same page."

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