Warm up a room with the colors of roman shades

Sep 17 2010

Warm up a room with the colors of roman shades
Warm up a room with the colors of roman shades
The Evansville Courier & Press reports that the cold weather can make homeowners want to change rooms to reflect a warmer environment, which can be accomplished with decorations and modest home refurbishments.

According to the news source, some of these additions may not cost a cent. Centerpieces of a room, such as coffee or dining tables, can be transformed with natural elements. Try bringing pinecones or other twigs in from the outdoors and displaying them in glass bowls or a vase.

Candles can play a part in this atmosphere, as well, particularly if they give off the soft scent of cinnamon or pine. These fragrances can usher in the fall, but leave the cold outside. Warm, fuzzy rugs may also be valuable additions to a home if the surfaces become cold in the early morning or overnight.

Exchanging the plain dishes or towels of a household for those of brighter colors, such as orange or red, can also make for a warmer environment.

Since roman shades are made from fabric, they can be ordered in any pattern or color, so they can easily be made to fit any theme of a home. This can also make them ideal for matching the changing leaves outside.
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