Soft sheer shades can effectively update a room

Sep 17 2010

Soft sheer shades can effectively update a room
Soft sheer shades can effectively update a room
When Rebecca Propes decided it was time for her to work from home she had to make a few quick updates to her family's abode. The Arizona Republic reports that Propes, who is an interior designer, focused on adding features to benefit her two young children.

Propes and her husband have lived in their Arizona home for six years, and she has been constantly looking for ways to use her craft to make the interior as appealing as possible.

According to the news source, the living room is especially impressive, as she relied heavily on calming whites and browns to set a relaxing atmosphere, and then turned her attention toward a fireplace, which she adorned with glass tiles.

"We all swoon over these million-dollar homes, but that's not reality for 95 percent of us," Propes told the news provider. "You don't have to have a ton of money to get a designer look."

Homeowners who may be looking for a quick and budget friendly way to add a fresh look to their house should consider hanging soft sheer shades. Along with providing a unique aesthetic, when the sun hits soft sheer shades it is filtered so that it adds an elegant glow to a room.
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