Decorating for fall with custom drapery

Sep 16 2010

Decorating for fall with custom drapery
Decorating for fall with custom drapery
The Daily Herald reports that the fall season may bring with it a new theme into the house, and Stephanie Holdaway, an interior designer, has shared some effective and affordable steps to outfit a home with seasonal flair.

Placing different scents throughout an abode, such as cinnamon, cider or pumpkin spice, can act as a subtle, almost invisible decorations.

"One of the most effective things you can do quickly and easily and inexpensively is changing up the scent of your home by adding fall-scented potpourri and diffuser oils," Holdaway told the news provider.

Heavier, dark-colored fabrics on bedding, linen and upholstery can be another way to get ready for the changing of the seasons and this can provide an aesthetic and functional way to ornament a home in autumn apparel.

Scattering candles can create a soft, inviting glow in rooms as well, especially as the days grow shorter. The illumination that these items give off can make even the dreariest of days seem a bit brighter.

Custom drapery can add a touch of color and dignity to any room. These window treatments are highly personalized, so they can be made to fit any home, making the setting cozy and comfortable.
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