Make big rooms cozy with custom drapes

Sep 9 2010

Make big rooms cozy with custom drapes
Make big rooms cozy with custom drapes
The Orlando Sentinel reports that some of the biggest interior design challenges that homeowners can face is having one room that seems so large that it becomes unfriendly or uninviting, and some designers have made a few suggestions to those who want to make the space as intimate as possible.

First, the colors should be warm and welcoming. Off-white shades for walls or ceilings can make "the room come off stark and cold," designer Jeanne Archer informed the news provider. She recently used pale gold on the walls of one Florida home, and followed the pattern with complementing colors throughout the house.

Another strategy is for homeowners to arrange their furniture in clusters with different functions. Additionally, designer Hattie Wolfe, says that each arrangement can be made distinct this way and make a room seem smaller. She suggests having some chairs for conversation and sofas in another part of the room for watching TV.

Breaking up the room with different rugs can also emphasize the unique corners of a space. Not only that, Wolfe recommends adding drapery, to add warmth and softness to the room.

Archer also used drapes to counteract the height of one room, using them to inject a deep, green color into the pattern. Custom drapery is also a good way to increase a home's value and touch a room with quiet dignity.
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