Drapes can be good choice for rooms with high ceilings

Aug 30 2010

Drapes can be good choice for rooms with high ceilings
Drapes can be good choice for rooms with high ceilings
Living in a home that boasts high ceilings and expansive rooms can certainly have its benefits. The increased space and openness have an immediate impact on anybody who enters this kind of home. However, the Economic Times reports that these buildings also bring with them a number of design dilemmas that dilute the desired decor.

According to the news source, one of largest drawbacks from a room with a high ceiling can be increased noise. Experts say that the height allows sounds to reverberate more easily. There are several ways to sidestep the issue, one of which is to build a home with wall-to-wall beams that can muffle the noise.

Another area that can be problematic is how to properly dress the windows. Many homeowners choose to install tall windows in a room with a vaulted ceiling, but they can be at a loss for what window treatment options are at their disposal.

Better Homes and Gardens suggest that those with tall windows may want to consider installing custom drapery. Industry analysts report that this option provides homeowners with exceptional versatility, adding a functional and aesthetically pleasing element to the room.
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