Noise reduction shades provide prime study environment

Aug 19 2010

Noise reduction shades provide prime study environment
Noise reduction shades provide prime study environment
With college starting up in the next two weeks, incoming students will be looking for any ways to boost their grades. The New York Post reports that having an ideal dorm room can be one way to help collegians achieve that elusive 4.0.

"I've always looked at the neuroarchitectural side of design and how it enhances your life. Imagine how a decluttered space with the right colors can evoke a certain mood and make you more productive, and contribute to your success," design expert Taniya Nayak told the news provider.

One of the most important areas to consider when decorating a dorm room is to include a number of one's favorite accessories. Industry analysts suggest that hanging anything from the wall that reflect's one's interests, whether it be a baseball hat or a handbag, as they can add a sense of comfort that will make the room pleasing to study in.

Having a calming environment can also be key to hitting the books. Hanging noise reduction shades can be a great way to effectively block out the distraction that can be caused by a ruckus from outside and can allow students to focus.
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