Green elements, wood blinds can relieve stress

Aug 11 2010

Green elements, wood blinds can relieve stress
Green elements, wood blinds can relieve stress
Selecting the right colors for a room can be an important choice. According to the Manila Bulletin, each shade provides a unique atmosphere and feel to a room, and homeowners should be aware of what effect certain hues can have.

For an elegant feel, the news source reports that violet can be a good option, as it is often associated with luxury and royalty. For a different direction, orange, red and yellow can be used to stimulate the senses and exude excitement and power.

Those who want to incorporate a relaxing feel can use green in their design, as the color has been shown to reduce stress and offer a calm, natural feeling. Another way to creates a stress-free environment is to make sure that a room is guarded from the harsh rays of the sun.

One way to do this is hanging wood blinds on windows. According to, wood blinds boast a number of functional and aesthetic benefits. Experts recommend wood blinds because they can easily block sunlight and come in a variety of styles that provide a natural beauty to any room.
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