Reduce pet allergies with faux wood blinds

Aug 10 2010

Reduce pet allergies with faux wood blinds
Reduce pet allergies with faux wood blinds
Pet dander can cause cold-like symptoms such as sneezing and swelling. However, many pet owners choose to live through this discomfort because of their love for animals. While there is no cure for these allergies, there are ways to allergy-proof a home.

Veterinarian Shawn Messonnier, writing for, recently suggested a few ways that homeowners may be able to reduce these symptoms and keep their pets. First of all, one must consider the arrangements of a room - specifically, the furniture and the floor.

Messonnier claims that carpets can accumulate 100 times more dander than other surface treatments, so it may be a good idea to strip the floor and install a hardwood, tile or stone solution. The upholstery of furniture is similarly irritating, so these should be taken away and cleaned frequently or replaced.

Bedding is another haven for allergens. To properly wash them, make sure the water is at least 140 degrees. This can purify the linens and, when putting them back on the bed, Messonnier suggests also using protective coverings.

Window treatments are another place where dander can gather. Luckily, faux wood blinds are perfect ways to stop it from gathering by the window, since they are easy to clean and are made from synthetic material instead of fabric.
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