Finding the right blinds for your apartment

Jun 1 2010

Finding the right blinds for your apartment
Finding the right blinds for your apartment
While people moving into condominiums and apartments may not think they have the same amount of creative and decorative freedom, they may want to reconsider. Those living in smaller spaces may have an opportunity to take advantage of dramatic and interesting window treatments.

"Condos typically have smaller floor space but larger windows than houses, and therefore there is increased emphasis on implementing higher end, more distinctive window treatments as both a functional and decorative element," window treatment expert Chantal Lemaire told the Ottawa Citizen.

Because larger windows can be a great source of natural light, functional window treatments, such as blinds, may be a great option. Individuals can tilt the slats to allow in as much, or as little, light as they'd like.

Individuals with smaller windows may consider installing larger window treatments. When deocrating his living toom, designer T. Keller Donovan told House Beautiful magazine, "I chose big white wooden blinds instead of curtains and hung them floor-to-ceiling, which fools you into thinking the windows are bigger and kicks the drama up a notch."
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