Transform a room with custom drapery

Aug 9 2010

Transform a room with custom drapery
Transform a room with custom drapery
For years, homeowners have been wary of outfitting windows with billowing custom drapery but, according to, this trend may be starting to change.

Besides painting, using drapes as a window treatment is the most affordable way to transform a room, interior designer Sherry Worth told the news provider. "They also hide ugly views and create privacy. I think people have come to realize bare is boring, and when windows are naked, they're truly naked."

She's aware that many individuals have reservations over the effects that shades will have on their rooms. A design that is somewhere between transitional and modern is generally the best way to add a new dimension to a room while preserving its integrity.

The news source reports that drapes are also ideal for disguising flaws in a home's walls or architecture, whether it's a crack in the window or a pane that is slightly off-center.

Worth advises people to stick to traditional solids when selecting colors, since these will never be out of fashion. She also says that drapes should just skim the floor, rather than hang too short or too long.

Custom drapery can certainly be a refresher for any room and the benefits are practical, too, since these window treatments can insulate a home and protect an area from glaring sunlight.
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