UK making a push for blind-safety

Jun 1 2010

UK making a push for blind-safety
UK making a push for blind-safety
An English coroner has urged parents with small children to be safer when choosing and installing blinds for their homes, after two tragic incidents occurred within five days of each other. According to the Daily Mail, Coroner Andrew Haigh, of Staffordshire, England, has also asked his government to follow America's lead and ban blinds with looped cords.

"The first element of my letter is to say 'is there any way to more strictly enforce the existing British standard as to what should happen with blind cords?' If not the next step is to ban looped blind cords completely," Haigh told the news source.

New parents may want to consider hanging cordless blinds in their homes, as well as making sure that all existing cords are out of reach of children, to eliminate the risk of potential injury.

"We hope that people will spread the word about the importance of child safety when it comes to blinds and shades," said Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet. "It's also important to remember that dangling cords are only a danger when they hang at levels where children can reach them." Blinds Chalet currently offers over twenty styles of cordless window blinds and shades.
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