Add value to a home with custom drapery

Aug 4 2010

Add value to a home with custom drapery
Add value to a home with custom drapery
After purchasing a new home, owners may want to look for ways to increase the resale value of the house. This can be accomplished with a number of simple renovations, according to

A fresh coat of paint can carry a home a long way in the housing market, as long as it are strategically chosen. The news source claims that lighter colors can make a residence seem more open, but darker ones can add a touch of dramatic flare.

Another way to improve the appearance of a home is to rearrange the furniture by creating a focal point. The largest piece in the room, whether it be big windows, a television or another kind of centerpiece is a good choice. Before attempting this, try sketching out a floor plan.

Floors can be another addition that can remake a house, but a complete installation of new surfaces may be too costly. If this is the case, try to invest in cleaners that can make floors appear new.

The news provider also suggests focusing on windows when remodeling a home. Experts claim that custom drapery can make a room dignified and unique, which can bolster its value, while adding privacy and insulation. Drapes are available in a variety of different colors and patterns, so they can fit any space.
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