Redecorating a bathroom may help homeowners sell their house

Jun 1 2010

Redecorating a bathroom may help homeowners sell their house
Redecorating a bathroom may help homeowners sell their house
When decorating a home, bathrooms always seem to get ignored. Homeowners who are looking to sell their home, however, may want to spruce up the washroom with new blinds and bathroom fabrics.

"Nowadays, people are finding more ways to beautify their kitchens and bathrooms. It's also what a lot of people look at first before buying a home," property investor Kamarul Ariff told the Star Online.

Redecorating the bathroom may also appeal to those on a budget, according to Ariff. "The bathroom is generally smaller and tends to cost less [to renovate than bedrooms] - making it easier and faster to recoup your cost."

According to, a bathroom's decor should depend on the room's location, stating "A bathroom that adjoins the master bedroom, dressing area and closets requires a coordinated design to market the area as a master suite. A hall bathroom or powder room should relate to [the home's] overall décor."

Once a style has been selected, experts remind homeowners to make sure that their blinds, towels and shower curtain complement one another to create a unified aesthetic and a cohesive room.
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