Drapes seeing a resurgence in popularity

Jul 27 2010

Drapes seeing a resurgence in popularity
Drapes seeing a resurgence in popularity
Lois Macaulay, an interior designer based in Toronto, has fallen in love with drapes, according to the National Post. She also claims she has seen evidence that other people are leaning toward customized window treatments, after about a decade of blinds and shades.

"Condo windows are usually wall-to-wall, have unattractive trims, or difficult layouts," Macaulay told the news source. Consequently, people have chosen tried-and-true window treatments without trying to think outside the box.

However, Faye Longhurst, an interior decorator, suggests that homeowners are stretching these boundaries and using drapery to add a personal touch to rooms. She hopes to see more of this renewed popularity in the future.

The news provider reports that Macaulay has begun to use drapes that are based on the design of a dress that she observed in a 1961 French film. Not only do quirky window treatments like these help to give a home personality, the designer also says that good drapes can last 15 to 20 years.

Custom drapery is available in a variety of different patterns and colors, which can make a home feel traditional and comforting. They also add insulation to rooms that may be drafty in the winter or leaking air conditioning in the summer.
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