Impress guests with interior shutters

Jul 23 2010

Impress guests with interior shutters
Impress guests with interior shutters
Having company over can be an enjoyable occasion, but it can also bring some stress to the hosts, especially in the preceding days or weeks. There are some easy ways to prepare and forget about the anxiety and instead tend to a home's appearance.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends starting with the front door. If paint is peeling around the entrance, try to apply a fresh coat before company arrives. If that's not possible, the news source suggests that flower pots and other decorations can attract the eye elsewhere.

Guest rooms should be well-cleaned, but not strewn with too many trinkets and colorful designs. One bedside table with an alarm clock and several magazines can be a polished yet economic way of making visitors feel at home.

A bathroom with ready toiletries can also leave a good impression on company, so focus on obtaining extra toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrushes, according to the news source.

In the kitchen, one can install interior shutters to make the room feel like a classy bed and breakfast. Shutters are highly customizable, so homeowners will be able to fit them to any home's theme and enjoy the window treatment for years to come.
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