Change up bedroom with honeycomb cellular shades

Jul 22 2010

Change up bedroom with honeycomb cellular shades
Change up bedroom with honeycomb cellular shades
A person's bedroom can sometimes be the most important area of a home. It allows the occupant a space that is all their own and often can be a place where they spend much of their time. However, a particular style can grow stale after a while and sometimes the look has to be changed around and, according to the the Reading Eagle, doing so is not too hard.

The news source recommends a color change for the comforter or bedspread. This is a logical starting point because the color of one's bed can consequently dictate the choices when it comes time to switch up the paint on the walls.

Another method to renew a bedroom that the news provider suggests is hanging effective window treatments. Since homeowners will likely want to ensure their bedroom is able to be as dark as possible, blinds should block enough light and sound to create a perfect sleeping environment. touts the benefits of installing honeycomb cellular shades, especially in blocking light. Not only do they provide a great buffer from the sun, but can prevent wind and cold from entering the house in the winter.
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