Add an elegant feel to the kitchen with valances

Jul 21 2010

Add an elegant feel to the kitchen with valances
Add an elegant feel to the kitchen with valances
When Pat O'Brien and her husband, Jerry, moved into their Cockeysville, Maryland home, they knew they had to do something to make it their own. The Baltimore Sun reports that Pat, an artist, adorned the walls of every room with a unique mural.

One of the most important areas to the couple, according to the news provider, was the kitchen, where they payed homage to their four children.

"The kitchen used to be a castle of block and stone with windows looking out over a vineyard," Jerry O'Brien told the news source. "I came home from work one day, and all the walls were painted over."

Of course, not everybody can add this particular design element to their kitchen, but a creative use of window treatments can add a design element that is just as pleasing.

Better Homes and Gardens states that one direction homeowners can take is to hang a valance. This option is a good choice because it hangs high on the window which can prevent water from splashing on it the window is near the sink. Valances also provide an elegant look that cannot be matched by other window treatments.
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