The advantages of motorized blinds

Jul 19 2010

The advantages of motorized blinds
The advantages of motorized blinds
Sometimes, drawing or raising window blinds is a hassle. When air conditioning is escaping outside or the sun is causing a room to get too swampy, it can be a painful experience to run around the house, trying to close all the blinds. recently listed some of the benefits of installing motorized window blinds that extend beyond convenience, too. By being able to directly control the rise and fall of window treatments, for example, one may save the upholstery of furniture from fading or damage from exposure to sunlight.

The news source also claims that having motorized blinds can be like having a light switch, but with a softer source of illumination. With one flick of a switch, the house can be brightened or dimmed by natural lighting.

Home theaters or living rooms can also benefit from these blinds, because the control can be installed beside the light switch so, in one motion, the lights and shades can turn the room into the perfect movie-viewing den.

Motorized window blinds may also enhance the privacy of a room, since they don't require a person to walk in front of the window to close them. Experts especially recommend them for people who cannot reach windows easily, such as the homes of the elderly or disabled.
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