Relaxation tips for busy parents

Jul 16 2010

Relaxation tips for busy parents
Relaxation tips for busy parents
A day can be extra long if caring for children takes up most of it. While entertaining young ones can be rewarding, it can also be exhausting, especially when school is out for the summer and children demand more attention from parents.

To avoid being completely drained during a day at the playground, the beach or the backyard, lists several relaxation techniques that can provide people with a second wind.

Yoga is one form of stress relief, but it is best for beginners to join a class. These groups can foster a sense of community and also offer a distraction from the worries of a household.

The news source also suggests deep breathing techniques, which consist of counting while breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. The idea is to focus on the act, rather than any surroundings.

Self-massage can also be a way to reduce stress levels. One simple way to do this is to move the thumb in a circular motion on the muscle above the shoulder.

No matter what route to relaxation is taken, the news provider states that a quiet environment is necessary. This may be hard to accomplish in a busy household, but noise reduction shades can help by drastically reducing outside noises, both from the yard and other nearby rooms.
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