Home safety with soft sheer shades

Jul 16 2010

Home safety with soft sheer shades
Home safety with soft sheer shades
A poorly lit home can be hazardous to a family's health, especially if furniture or other objects are constantly being rearranged. The tops and bottoms of the stairs and children's rooms are particularly prone to presenting perils.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that almost 8 million people a year are injured from falling. Households with very young or elderly residents should take special care to avoid these risks by following a number of preventive measures.

Health.com suggests that wearing slippers can prevent some of these mishaps, as they offer increased traction and protection for feet. One can also roll up rugs and clean rooms to make sure that clutter doesn't turn a house into an obstacle course.

If stairs are a problem, the news source recommends installing railings or having an eye exam. However, the key to making rooms safer is ensuring that they are visible at all times.

This can easily be accomplished with soft sheer shades, which can allow natural light into dark corner, but still offer the privacy and beauty of traditional window treatments. Just by tilting these shades, one can adjust the view accordingly.
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