Blinds help homeowners enjoy exterior window boxes

May 28 2010

Blinds help homeowners enjoy exterior window boxes
Blinds help homeowners enjoy exterior window boxes
While many people focus on interior aesthetics when selecting window treatments, homeowners may also want to consider dressing up the the exterior of their windows. Window boxes are a great way to add charm to a home's exterior and, with the right blinds, the boxes can be enjoyed inside as well.

"I look at some houses and look at their front and think how much more street appeal (window boxes have)," designer Bard Baan told Sheboygan Press. "It's nice when people evolve their window boxes throughout the seasons...spring is pansies, summer is all the great annuals and in fall they can evolve to the mums."

Homeowners should consider sun exposure and surrounding wildlife when selecting flowers for the window boxes. Those unsure of the right boxes and plants for their home should consult a professional.

According to experts at Be Jane, window boxes also benefit interiors, as they are "a great way to enhance your view from the inside as you get a burst of color every time you look out the window." Installing blinds inside allows homeowners to easily enjoy the flowers. Individuals can tilt the slats open and fill the room with the beauty of the blossoms.
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