Create a reading room with cellular shades

Jul 12 2010

Create a reading room with cellular shades
Create a reading room with cellular shades
For many people there are few things better than reading a book. Being able to sit down with one's favorite author on a beautiful summer day can be the perfect way to relax.

The benefits of reading are widely known and, as such, many libraries create reading incentives to encourage both children and adults alike to open a book. The Maple Shade Progress reports that the local library offers prizes to kids to log as many hours reading this summer as possible.

“They read on their own time and just keep track of how much time they’ve spent reading. Children receive a prize for every four hours of reading they complete. Most children receive their certificate at the End-of-Summer Reading Party held in August,” Maple Shade Library assistant Nancy Mitchell told the news source.

One way for parents to encourage their children to read is to have a quiet, cool place for them to do so. Hanging cellular shades can be an effective way to ensure that there is a quiet room for anybody to unwind with a good book. Cellular shades have exceptional noise blocking capabilities and can be especially welcome for those who live near heavily trafficked area.
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