Wood blinds can help allergy-proof a home

Jul 9 2010

Wood blinds can help allergy-proof a home
Wood blinds can help allergy-proof a home
Summer can bring nice weather, but it can also bring dust, pollen and mold that can cause allergies. TheDecoratingDiva.com has written a quick guide to preventing allergens from spreading throughout the home, so you can breathe easy.

Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule is crucial to keeping dust outside of the house. Focus on linens and furniture that see a lot of use and the news provider also suggests dousing sheets and pillowcases in warm water at least once a week to purify the fabric from animal dander and dust.

If you are allergic to your pets or nearby animals, the website recommends purchasing air purifiers, which will reduce hair, dust and mold and may have a significant impact on respiratory health.

Experts claim that leather and wood furniture are safer for allergies than other materials, since they are easier to clean and don't accumulate irritants as readily. For this same reason, wood blinds are an ideal solution to those who are allergy-prone. They are easily cleaned, especially because wood blinds don't require removal for maintenance.

"We understand how crippling allergies can be to people," Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet says. "Window treatments can help alleviate a lot of allergy symptoms and create a safe haven for allergy sufferers."
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