I have a greenhouse for which I need an interior shade system. The green house is angled not curved. Can you tell me how I might proceed to get an estimate?
Greenhouse Blinds
Greenhouse Blinds
Greenhouse windows vary from angled windows to windows that are curved. Blinds Chalet can provide honeycomb cellular shades for both applications.

Angled greenhouse blinds are simply skylight blinds. We offer a pleated skylight blind online but we also have a honeycomb skylight shade that can be used as a greenhouse blind.

Curved greenhouse blinds come with specially designed sidetracks that curve to keep the window blinds at the same contour as the window. Designed with no visible cords. Simply raise and lower the greenhouse blinds by moving the handle on the movable rail or by use of a pull for higher windows.

Greenhouse shades filter light and reduce glare. They also provide insulation as well, creating an ideal comfortable environment.

To order your green house blinds simply contact one of our customer service representatives for measuring and ordering information. Buy your greenhouse blinds today!
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