What is the difference between horizontal fabric shades and soft sheer blinds?
Both are soft shades made from fabric. Other than some differences with the headrail and lift mechanisms that are not as noticeable, the main difference is that soft sheer shades have sheer fabric when the vanes are "tilted" open. With horizontal fabric shades there is no fabric.

Soft sheer shades are designed with either a light filtering or a blackout vane attached between two pieces of sheer fabric. When the shades are closed these vanes provide privacy and light control. The vanes can also be tilted so the sheer fabric lets filtered light enter the room. Sheer shades can also be raised for an unobstructed view.

Horizontal fabric shades are similar to either pleated shades or honeycomb cell shades. They are made with fabric that separates and compresses, opening similar to a horizontal blind. They can also be raised so they stack at the top of the window. Because horizontal fabric shades are either designed like a pleated shade or honeycomb cell shades the insulation they provide will vary.

The best for energy savings is our insulating blinds. They are designed with honeycomb cells that separate and compress. This honeycomb fabric traps air and provides better insulation than other horizontal fabric shades as well as soft sheer shades.
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