For your faux wood blinds, what is the difference between Express Premier Faux Wood Blinds and Premier Faux Wood Blinds?
Premier Faux Wood Blinds
Our Premier Faux Wood Blinds and our Express Premier Faux Wood Blinds are both made by the same manufacturer. The faux wood slat colors match between both products. The valances are identical as well as the tassels, strings, etc. Both faux wood blinds are made to match so you can interchange the products.

The difference between the two is the Express Premier Faux Wood Blinds are pre-made and cut down when you order. This limits the sizes available, the options, customization, and the color selection the Express Faux Wood Blinds. Our Premier Faux Wood Blinds are custom made to each order allowing controls to be changed, more upgrades and options such as routless or decorative fabric tapes. It also allows a larger inventory of faux wood colors for a larger selection.

If the color selection is available in the Express Premier Faux Wood Blinds you can order the blinds with that product that fit your specifications and fill the larger blinds with the Premier Faux Wood Blinds.

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