I'm looking for honeycomb blinds with sound dampening properties. Which is better, double cell or single cell? Spun lace or point bond fabric? Which pleat size is preferable? Or...is there another type of blind that provides better sound dampening?
Although honeycomb shades are not specifically designed as sound dampening blinds they are excellent insulators. No window covering will block all the sound. That being said, because cellular shades are designed as insulators for energy efficiency they will also dampen sound.

When determining the best sound dampening blinds the same properties exist when comparing the best energy efficient cellular shades. When looking at the insulation values of a honeycomb shade, double cell shades insulate better than
The better insulation provided by a window blind or shade the better it will reduce sound. Blinds Chalet offers a wide selection of honeycomb shades to choose from. Our best insulators are the
Comfortrack shades because the have an added sidetrack between the window shades and the window frame.

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