What blinds are better for the winter?
The best blinds for winter are insulating blinds. Although all window blinds add insulation over bare windows, not all window blinds and shades insulate equally. Here are a few choices for our top insulating window blinds.

Shutters are great insulators because they enclose the window with no gaps along the sides or bottoms of the window and create an added barrier between your windows and your home. The disadvantage to shutters can be the cost. Although window shutters are one of the most durable window treatments they are also one of the most expensive.

Honeycomb Cell Shades
Cellular shades are excellent insulators. The honeycomb shaped fabric uses the air trapped inside the cells as a barrier against the cold. Cellular shades cost significantly less than window shutters and are very economical.

The one disadvantage to cell shades is the gaps between the cell shade and the edge of the window frame. This problem has been solved with ComforTrack cell shades which have added sidetracks to block more heat loss. We also carry our own private label version of the ComforTrack shades called our EnergyTrack Shades.

Shop online for all your insulating window blinds and save. Remember we offer free shipping on most of our window treatments so start lowering your energy bills today!
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