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Skylight Blinds - Skylight Shades

Do you carry blinds for skylights? The blinds in our skylights are no longer functioning and we want to replace them.

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Blinds and Shades For High and Hard To Reach Windows

I have some high windows and wanted to know what blinds and shades you carry for high and hard To reach windows

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Skylight Cellular Blinds - Skylight Cellular Shades

I want to install a skylight cellular blind. What is going to keep the blind from dropping down in the middle when it is open? Also, do you sell a pole to open and close the blind? The skylight I am working with is in a very high ceiling, with a rather steep slope.

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Window Shades with Side Tracks - Honeycomb Shades

Do you have honeycomb shades that run in a track up and down on the sides?

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Sky Light Blinds - Skylight Blinds - Shades

Do you have shades for sky lights? I am looking for skylight blinds.

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Skylight Shades - Window Shades for Skylights

Do you carry any shades for sky lights?

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Sky Lite Shades - Skylight Blinds

Do you carry sky lite shades or blinds?

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Greenhouse Window Blinds & Shades

I have a greenhouse for which I need an interior shade system. The green house is angled not curved. Can you tell me how I might proceed to get an estimate?

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News Articles for "Skylight"

Pleated shades made for skylights are an excellent energy saver.
Light-filtering and room-darkening options are available for skylight shades
Nov 17 2011

Pleated shades designed for skylights provide superb energy savings by reducing heat gain in warm months and lessening heat loss significantly in cold weather.

Pleated shade are a versatile choice for window coverings in any room.
Constructed for privacy, pleated shades can be outfitted to many window sizes
Oct 31 2011

Choosing the right window treatment for a particular space means considering the amount of light, privacy, energy savings and ease of care that is needed.

A bathroom's look can be warmed up with a moisture-proof rug and window coverings.
Function and style have merged in rugs made for the bathroom
Oct 31 2011

Shaggy throw rugs used to be a mainstay on bathroom floors, but no more. Today's floor coverings for the bath have more in common with carpeting found in other parts of the house.

Room darkening shades are a good choice to control privacy and nighttime lighting with skylights.
Room darkening treatments for skylights come in variety of styles
Sep 21 2011

Homeowners need to consider the practical side of having a skylight when they choose window treatments for this source of light.

Pleated skylight window shades come in room darkening materials from Blinds Chalet.
Skylight shades from Blinds Chalet have added benefit of room darkening material
Sep 15 2011

Pleated skylight shades from Blinds Chalet come with the added feature of room darkening material to control light easily in sky-lit rooms.

Different styles of skylights have become available to homeowners.
Adding skylights to home is made easier by installing motorized window shades
Aug 30 2011

As more homeowners renovate their attics for more liveable space, the styles for skylights to light and ventilate those spaces have expanded in recent years.

A pleated skylight shade filters light and saves energy.
Pleated, light-filtering skylight shades offer style and energy savings
Aug 22 2011

Homeowners who have skylights in their houses frequently face a dilemma of which window coverings will work best to control sunlight and save energy.

Changing the look of a dark hallway in your home.
Changing the look of a dark hallway in your home
May 26 2011

With clever use of your light from windows and light fixtures, a dark hallway can be a lot brighter, according to

Motorized blinds or shades can manage light easily from a skylight.
Skylight window treatments can be controlled by remote or electric switch
Apr 6 2011

Consumers have a choice of window coverings that are well-suited to skylights, but for the ease of adjusting the amount of sun that enters a room, a motorized window shade or blind can manage both light and window drafts.

Converting a garage into living space takes as much planning as any renovation.
Buying custom blinds online is a good way to outfit a door in a converted garage
Mar 24 2011

Converting a garage into additional living space can be done for many reasons – creating a studio apartment for an extended family member, setting up a home business with a separate entrance or extending the size of an adjacent kitchen or family room.

Motorized blinds or shades are an ideal accompaniment to a skylight.
Privacy and light can be managed by motorized window coverings for skylights
Mar 11 2011

The wide range of skylights that can be installed in a home these days is as varied as the architectural styles available to homeowners.

Motorized window shades or blinds easily control the light that enters a room through large windows.
Motorized window shades can control light streaming through large windows
Feb 16 2011

Homeowner Pamela Porter learned a few things about renovations when she and her husband Lee moved into a 1923 craftsman-style bungalow in Des Moines, Iowa.

Motorized window blinds or shades are good choices for a skylight window treatment.
Motorized window blinds are a good choice for skylight window treatment
Feb 9 2011

When Chicago area resident Kathleen Luttschyn and her husband needed to move their home office to make way for a nursery, it forced them to make better use of a loft space at the top of their stairs.

A roof window or skylight are easily shaded with motorized blinds.
Motorized blinds or shades suit the roof windows of an A-frame home
Dec 7 2010

The steep slope in the roof of an A-frame house creates an interesting decorating dilemma for the homeowners who live there.

Adding motorized blinds or shades to a skylight helps control light and energy.
Motorized shades control light and heat on skylight windows
Nov 10 2010

Adding a cover to a skylight can create visual interest with a ceiling-level window treatment, but it's also a practical solution to controlling light and cold weather drafts.

Sunlight from skylights can be controlled with motorized window shades or blinds.
Motorized window shades moderate light and privacy for skylights
Oct 13 2010

Natural light flooding into a home can be achieved in any room with the installation of skylights.

Honeycomb shades can regulate high summer temperatures
Honeycomb shades can regulate high summer temperatures
Aug 11 2010

Homeowners in some parts of the country may use their air conditioning units much more often than others, but in Washington's Snohomish County, Mark and Sharon Hammond started to suffer during the later weeks of July and August when the sunlight came pouring in through their windows and ignited the household, according to