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Common Questions for "Plantation Shutter"

South Facing Window Treatments

I have south facing windows that get a lot of sun and heat enters the room. What do you recommend for south facing treatments?

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West Facing Window Treatments

What product you would suggest for west facing window treatments? I need something that insulates my windows and reduce my energy costs.

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Find The Best Living Room Window Treatments

I am looking for the best living room window treatments. What window blinds or shades do you recommend?

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Plantation Shutter Louvers

How wide are the plantation shutter louvers?

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Norman Woodlore Shutters with Clearview

Do you carry the Norman Woodlore shutters without the closing bar. They are gear operated?

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Entryway Blinds - Window Coverings for Entry - Window Shades

I am looking for window blinds for my entryway. What would you suggest?

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How To's for "Plantation Shutter"

Category: How To Measure Blinds

How to Measure for Plantation Shutters
  • Use a metal tape for accurate measurements
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8"
... more
Quick Ship Wood Shutter Measuring Instructions
Our Quick Ship Wood Shutters are available only in outside mount. This means each wooden shutter mounts to the surface of the wall outside the window frame. ... more

Category: Press Releases

Elegant Kitchen Window Blinds
Finding the perfect kitchen window blind can be tricky. The blinds or shades need to look good, be easy to clean and be moisture resistant. Because kitchen cooking can cause a build-up of grease on kitchen window blinds, it’s important to use the right blinds and shades so they don’t need to be replaced every couple of years.... more
Window Treatments
Summertime is upon us, and the sun’s rays are falling much faster, and with greater force, coursing into the windows of any home or office they can find. There are some areas in the world that look forward to this “thaw out,” as they are very cold for most of the year. However, the majority of the world’s cities are filled with occupants that are realizing the importance of good window treatments about now. This, for the sake of this article, is irrelevant, for whether the home of office owner is trying to keep the sun out, or trying to keep the cold out, it still holds true that window treatments are a vital part of owning an office or a home. There are a myriad of choices when treating windows for your home or office:... more

Category: Blind Repairs

Window Treatments for Greenhouses
Greenhouses are incredible sources of light and warmth in the winter. However, winter nights, even with double paned windows can suck the warmth right out of the house. In the summertime without appropriate window treatments, greenhouse windows can literally cook a house, spiking the need for air conditioning and fans that drain precious energy resources.... more

Category: Window Covering Design Tips

The Classic Plantation Blinds
Plantation blinds are what is commonly referred to as a classic. They are timeless in their design possibilities. There are various options when it comes to plantation blinds and shutters. ... more

News Articles for "Plantation Shutter"

Wood shutters add classic style to any room in a house.
Wood shutters provide a warm, elegant look to any home
Oct 27 2011

Whether they are painted white for a shabby chic cottage look or a rich wood stain for a contemporary family room, wood shutters from Blinds Chalet add classic style to any home.

Shutters fit both contemporary and traditional decor in any room.
Shutters offer insulation and light control as well as style to fit many decors
Sep 28 2011

Shutters are often associated with traditional décor, from seaside cottages to Tuscan villas, but their clean, uncomplicated look also is well suited to contemporary design.

Choosing the perfect shades for your greenhouse will help reduce your energy bills.
Increase your energy efficiency with greenhouse shades
Apr 1 2011

The addition of cell shades or shutters will help to cut down on utility costs to make the space more functional.