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HoneyComb Cellular Shades
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HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
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John Gidding 3/8" Light Filter Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
ComforTrack 3/8" Translucent Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Buy ComforTrack 3/8 inch Translucent Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
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West Facing Window Treatments

What product you would suggest for west facing window treatments? I need something that insulates my windows and reduce my energy costs.

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South Facing Window Treatments

I have south facing windows that get a lot of sun and heat enters the room. What do you recommend for south facing treatments?

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Side Mount Cellular Shades Brackets

How do I order cellular shades with side mounting brackets?

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Hunter Douglas Trio Convertable Shades

Do you carry the Hunter Douglas Trio convertable shades?

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Best Noise Reduction Shades

I'm interested in your best noise reduction shades.

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Insulating Bamboo Shades

Looking to insulate my windows for the winter months, I came across an ad for your website stating "insulate your windows with bamboo shades." Having done alot of research, how is this possible? Is there a backing of insulating material on added to the shades to keep the cold air from escaping through each piece of bamboo and into the room?

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Crinkle Fabric Shades - Crinkle Texture Shades - Free Samples

I can't figure out how to order the samples of your cellular blinds. I wanted to see the crinkle fabric ones and maybe another type to compare. Do you send the entire range of color choices in each style?

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Blackout Shades - Dampen Sound

I need blackout shades that will help to dampen sound. What do you recommend?

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Hunter Douglas Applause Cell Shades

I need replacement blinds for my Hunter Douglas Applause. I am unable to find what I need on your website. Does not need to be Hunter Douglas brand but something comparable. I am looking for a light filtering cell shade, but privacy too.

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ComforTrack Shades vs EnergyTrack Shades

Could elaborate on the difference between the ComforTrack and the EnergyTrack shades?

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Best Noise Reduction Shades
Many people face challenges of noisy neighbors, trains, traffic, airplanes and more. For those who want a little peace and quiet in their homes, noise reduction shades are a perfect remedy. ... more
Energy Efficient Shades
With winter coming, many people are looking for energy efficient window treatments to help save money on energy bills. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that work to different degrees. Below are a few of the most popular energy efficient shades.... more
Measure the Difference ComforTrack Double Cell Shades Make
Fall is here. Despite record setting high temperatures across the country in the last few weeks, cold weather will be moving in soon. In the mountains, nighttime temperatures are already reaching into the 20’s and 30’s. There is no better time to help insulate drafty windows or single pane windows than with ComforTrack cell shades to keep the cold out and help reduce energy bills.... more
Benefits of Light Filtering Insulating Blinds
Light filtering blinds offer the benefits of several different blinds in one. These blinds combine the beauty and style of a Roman Shade with the insulating qualities of a Cellular Shade and the light filtering abilities of a Venetian Blind. They really are the all-in-one shades that provide style and more importantly energy efficiency.... more
Window Blinds and Shades Suited To Desert Environments
With one of the hottest summers in years sweeping the nation, people are looking for ways to stay cool in the summer heat. Window treatments are an easy, inexpensive way to help cut air-conditioning costs and to get a little relief from the sun. Below are some of the best blinds for desert living. Get relief from the heat immediately by ordering window treatments and blinds that have one or two-day production times.... more
The Different Styles of Roman Shades
Roman Shades come in a variety of styles and fabrics. From textured linen to satin to woven wood, roman shades are some of the most elegant window treatments on the market. Their richness and opulence dress up any room and their timeless look accounts for their popularity. The design of Roman Shades makes them energy efficient and most brands are effective at blocking 99% of UV rays. The following are just a few of the more popular styles of Roman Shades available. ... more
Window Treatments for Mountain Living
Mountain living offers different challenges for decorating than other climates. In the mountains, wood expands and contracts depending on the season. The sun’s harsh UV rays have a higher rate of fading furniture and artwork than in other areas of the country. Not to mention, many people want their homes to have a look and feel of a mountain home, so not just any window treatments will work. For others energy efficiency is a priority.... more
Green Window Treatments
Many people ask if there are ways to incorporate eco-friendly window treatments into their home design and still have a stylish appearance. There are. Bamboo offers and exotic flair to homes, while roller and solar shades give a subtle polished appearance to a room. Cell shades are probably the most plain as far as design goes, but the selection of rich, neutral colors are a great compliment to any room.... more
Benefits of Honeycomb Cellular Shades
Most people have heard of cellular shades for the amazing benefits they offer as far as insulation and light filtering/blocking abilities. What most people don’t realize is that insulation is as crucial during the summer months as during the winter months. During the summer, insulation can help reduce air conditioning bills, keep a home cooler and block the harsh rays of the sun.... more
SlumberShades Rebate
SlumberShades, the official window treatments of the National Sleep Foundation, are being discounted with a $25.00 rebate from select manufacturers throughout the month of March, 2011.... more

Category: Window Covering Design Tips

Top Three Reasons to Buy Cellular Shades
Cellular window shades are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to improve the appearance of their home while reducing energy costs. Honeycomb, or cellular blinds are some of the most energy efficient blinds on the market today. While there are many benefits to installing honeycomb or cellular window treatments, the following are ranked as the top three:... more
Tips for Buying Door Blinds
Doors can sometimes be tricky to buy window treatments for because of their unusual size and shape. Not only that, door blinds shouldn’t interfere with your ability to easily open and close the door. Some window treatments ‘fly away,’ meaning they swing out the door when it opens and get caught in it when it closes, often damaging blinds or window treatments.... more
How to Choose the Right Window Treatments
When choosing a window covering there are several features of each blind style that you should consider. Below are different types of window treatments and their pros and cons.... more
Making Vinyl Window Shades A Part Of A Home
There isn't a more effective window covering product when it comes to light blocking than vinyl window shades. Blackout shades are designed specifically to block all light from a room. They are a vital element in the home of many. ... more
Solar Shades: Window Screens with Extra Advantages
Solar shades are window screens that offer bonus advantages. And in today's market...people are looking more than ever to get the most for their money. One of the most sure fire ways to get the most for your money is to purchase a product that fills more than one need. And solar shades definitely fit the bill. ... more
Spring Window Treatments
Are you ready to update the look and feel of your home? One thing to consider is the sun’s glare. It can cause serious damage to our eyes, to our furniture. UV rays can be filtered to eliminate their fading power, all you need are some fabulous spring window treatments and you’ll be on your way! ... more

Category: Window Treatments Glossary

Honeycomb Shades Glossary Terms
Honeycomb shades are excellent insulators. The unique cellular fabric design allows the shades to absorb heat and sound. Some commonly used window treatment terminology is used to explain the details and degrees of energy efficiency. ... more

Category: Energy Conservation

Energy Efficient Window Coverings
With energy efficient window coverings, the fact is that any type of window covering is better than no window coverings at all when if comes to energy conservation. Not all window coverings are created equal however at conserving energy. But any window treatment can help lower energy costs and sometimes by hundreds of dollars per year. Blinds Chalet has created a simple tool to calculate how much window coverings save. Simply enter your home size and calculate which are the best energy efficient shades.... more
Window Treatments Tips in Cold and Warm Climates
Window treatments can be used not only for decoration and privacy but also for insulation. Carefully selected window treatments can reduce your homes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.... more
Window Shades and UV Protection

Solar Shades, Blackout Shades, and Other Window Treatments that Block Ultraviolet Transmission

Solar shades are light filtering, blackout shades completely block light. Both can be excellent window treatments if you are concerned about UV rays and want to preserve your fabrics and wood. Ultraviolet rays may not be visible to the human eyes but can damage carpet, furniture, and fade wood flooring.... more

News Articles for "Insulating Blind"

Windows can be stylishly dressed with horizontal fabric shades.
Versatile horizontal fabric shades combine qualities of several window coverings
Oct 17 2011

Horizontal fabric shades takes their look and function from three types of window covering - venetian blinds, roman shades and pleated shades.

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Install cellular shades to keep rooms cooler
Install cellular shades to keep rooms cooler
Jun 24 2010

Windows don't just serve aesthetic purposes, they also provide important ventilation functions throughout the entire house. If there is a draft suddenly blowing on the first floor, or the second floor has become burning hot, chances are that faulty windows are the culprit.

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