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HoneyComb Cellular Shades
Buy Premier 7/16 inch Translucent Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Sunlera Cordless 9/16" Blackout Single Cell ShadesFree Cordless Upgrade!Made in 3 daysdetails
John Gidding 3/8" Light Filter Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Good Housekeeping 1/2" Lt.Filter Single Cell ShadeFree Cordless Liftdetails
Good Housekeeping 1/2" Blackout Single Cell ShadesFree Cordless Liftdetails
Crinkle Fabric 9/16" Trans. Single Cell ShadesFree Top Down-Bottom UpMade in 3 daysdetails
Buy Crinkle Fabric 9/16 inch Trans. Single Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 5.0/5
Good Housekeeping 3/4" Lt.Filter Single Cell ShadeFree Cordless Liftdetails
John Gidding 3/4" Blackout Single Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Buy John Gidding 3/4 inch Blackout Single Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Good Housekeeping 3/4" Blackout Single Cell ShadesFree Cordless Liftdetails
ComforTrack 3/8" Translucent Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Buy ComforTrack 3/8 inch Translucent Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Premier Day & Night Shades - Light Filter/BlackoutSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Premier Day & Night Shades - Sheer/BlackoutSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Buy Premier Day & Night Shades - Sheer/Blackout
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 5.0/5

Common Questions for "Honeycomb Blind"

West Facing Window Treatments

What product you would suggest for west facing window treatments? I need something that insulates my windows and reduce my energy costs.

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South Facing Window Treatments

I have south facing windows that get a lot of sun and heat enters the room. What do you recommend for south facing treatments?

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Side Mount Cellular Shades Brackets

How do I order cellular shades with side mounting brackets?

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Day & Night Shades - Honeycomb Shades - Cellular Shades

The picture of the Day and Night Honeycomb shade shows the blackout shade covering only the bottom half of the window, with the filter shade on the top half. Does this indicate that the blackout shade raises to cover the window from the bottom up? Does the filter shade lower from top to bottom?

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Energy Track Double Cellular Shades - Mounting Space

I am interested in your Energy Track 3/8" Translucent double cellular. My dimensions are roughly 69W x 54L. However, I have very limited header space for mounting. Can you tell me the width of the header rail?

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Top Down Bottom Up Shades - Black Shades

I am looking to outfit all the windows in my house with top down bottom up(tdbu) black shades (preferably cellular as I like look when it folds up more). my biggest issue in finding them is that the outward facing side is white. i want them to be black outward facing like the inside. do any of your cellular products offer that choice?

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Soft Window Treatments - Soft Window Shades

I am interested in the Horizontal Fabric Shades and Soft Sheer Shades. I can't tell by the photos what the difference is between these two window treatments. Can you explain?

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Hunter Douglas Trio Convertable Shades

Do you carry the Hunter Douglas Trio convertable shades?

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Octagon Blinds for Octagon Shaped Windows.

looking for inside window blinds for octagon bay window, 12 windows measuring 21.5w x 17.25l each. Or any other suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. We now have 4 long outside blinds.

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Add ComforTrack rails to Standard Honeycomb Blinds

Can I add the ComforTrack rails to the standard honeycomb blinds for added insulation?

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How To's for "Honeycomb Blind"

Category: How To Install Blinds

Honeycomb Shades - Parts For Installing Cellular Shades
Below is a list of parts that are used when installing cellular honeycomb shades. Different brackets are needed for installing cellular shades with different lift mechanisms.... more
Honeycomb Cell Shade Installation - Part 2 of 2
Part 2 of 2 of instructions of how to install honeycomb cell shades. Simple instructions to install our standard and soft touch honeycomb cell shades.... more
Honeycomb Cell Shades - Installation Part 1 of 2
Our honeycomb cell shades are made to be either an inside mount or an outside mount, depending on what you desire. A few tools are required to install your blinds.
  • Measuring Tape
  • Battery or Power Drill
  • ¼ Hex head bit or Phillips driver bit
  • ... more
    Parts for Installing Horizontal Window Blinds
    Below is a list of parts that are used when installing horizontal blinds. Note: You may not receive all the parts listed. You may also receive additional parts that are not needed. We will only send you the horizontal blinds parts for your particular application.... more
    How to Install Side Mount Blinds
    Installing window blinds as a side mount is simple. This article will explain how to to install honeycomb cellular shades as a side mount using l-brackets.... more

    Category: Press Releases

    Honeycomb Cellular Shades Are One Of Many Energy Efficient Window Shades
    Honeycomb cellular shades can be a great window shade that is both aestheically pleasing and conserves energy during both winter and summer. Window blinds do make a difference. Blind Chalet has created an energy calculator to give customers an idea of the savings your home could receive based on your square footage.... more
    Energy Efficient Window Treatments - Energy Conservation Tips From Blinds Chalet
    Energy efficient window treatments can translate into considerable utility bill savings. Though windows can be an attractive feature in any home, they can also account for 10% to 25% of a family's heating bill.... more
    Window Shades and Blinds May Help Reduce the Migraines
    Window shades and blinds may reduce the occurrence of migraines. A recent study by Missouri State University’s Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences discovered “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep deprivation caused increased expression of the proteins which are known to play an important role in initiating and sustaining chronic pain,” reports The National Sleep Foundation.... more
    Window Treatments for Mountain Living
    Mountain living offers different challenges for decorating than other climates. In the mountains, wood expands and contracts depending on the season. The sun’s harsh UV rays have a higher rate of fading furniture and artwork than in other areas of the country. Not to mention, many people want their homes to have a look and feel of a mountain home, so not just any window treatments will work. For others energy efficiency is a priority.... more
    Top Five Window Treatments for Nurseries
    Bringing home a newborn baby is a life-changing moment. Parents want to offer their children the best life possible, and that starts with setting up a room that will offer comfort, calmness and a peaceful atmosphere. Everything from the color of the paint, to ceiling fans to window treatments can affect mood. Window treatments are especially important in nurseries because they can help control glare, adjust direct or indirect sunlight, provide insulation and more. ... more
    Measure the Difference ComforTrack Double Cell Shades Make
    Fall is here. Despite record setting high temperatures across the country in the last few weeks, cold weather will be moving in soon. In the mountains, nighttime temperatures are already reaching into the 20’s and 30’s. There is no better time to help insulate drafty windows or single pane windows than with ComforTrack cell shades to keep the cold out and help reduce energy bills.... more
    Energy Efficient Shades
    With winter coming, many people are looking for energy efficient window treatments to help save money on energy bills. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that work to different degrees. Below are a few of the most popular energy efficient shades.... more
    The Good and the Bad of Top Selling Blinds
    For those looking to redecorate or update their homes, installing window treatments is the simplest place to start. Updating a home with modern window treatments helps increase the resale value. For those looking to redecorate, blinds and shades can change the feel of a room without an expensive remodel. ... more
    Cool Shades
    There are tons of blinds, shades and window treatments on the market. There are the energy efficient ones – honeycomb cell shades – the environmentally friendly ones – EcoGreen Roller Shades and bamboo shades – there are the elegant blinds – Roman Shades – and there are the classic blinds – wood blinds. But where are the fun ones? Where are the window treatments that show a little personality?... more
    New Year – New Blinds
    Sometimes New Years resolutions are made with the best intentions to keep them, but because of financial situations, they sometimes get pushed over from year to year. This year, why not fulfill those resolutions while there are sales and discounted items so that you not only get to cross that item off your list, but you get the sense of accomplishment of doing what you said you were going to do?... more
    Window Treatment Solutions for Seniors
    Looking for window treatment solutions for seniors? Some blinds and shades are heavy, difficult to operate or have thin cords that can be problematic to grip. However, there are window treatments out there that provide ease of use. As people age, some may suffer from arthritis and other age related conditions. Opening and closing blinds shouldn’t be difficult for anyone of any age. As such, we have compiled a list of window treatments that are easy to operate, lightweight and still stylish.... more
    Benefits of Honeycomb Cellular Shades
    Most people have heard of cellular shades for the amazing benefits they offer as far as insulation and light filtering/blocking abilities. What most people don’t realize is that insulation is as crucial during the summer months as during the winter months. During the summer, insulation can help reduce air conditioning bills, keep a home cooler and block the harsh rays of the sun.... more
    SlumberShades Rebate
    SlumberShades, the official window treatments of the National Sleep Foundation, are being discounted with a $25.00 rebate from select manufacturers throughout the month of March, 2011.... more
    Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Blackout Blinds, Routless Blinds and More
    When I sleep, I want to sleep. I want my room to be dark because hopefully it is night when I am trying to go to sleep. I am fortunate that I sleep during the night and am awake during the day. Many people are not so fortunate. They take jobs where they work partially or completely through the night and have to sleep during the day. When the sun comes up, our bodies tell us we should be awake, even if we have only been sleeping for a few hours. Sleep studies show that people who sleep in dark, quiet rooms get a better night’s sleep than those who sleep in rooms with lots of light or noise. For those who sleep during the day, having the proper window treatments is exceptionally important.... more
    Fabric Window Shades – The Decorator’s Candy
    Fabric window shades are an amazing addition to any room in your home or office. They are so versatile, and they add a touch of class to any window or door.... more