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HoneyComb Cellular Shades
Buy Premier 7/16 inch Translucent Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Sunlera Cordless 3/8" Double Cell ShadesFree Cordless Upgrade!Special discountdetails
Buy Sunlera Cordless 3/8 inch Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Deluxe 3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shadesdetails
Buy Deluxe 3/8 inch Translucent Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
John Gidding 3/8" Light Filter Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Deluxe 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shadesdetails
Buy Deluxe 3/8 inch Blackout Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Cordless Classic 7/16" Double Cell Light FilteringFree Cordless Upgrade!Special discountdetails
Slumbertrack 3/8" Translucent Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Buy Slumbertrack 3/8 inch Translucent Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
SlumberShade 3/8" Blackout Double Cell ShadesSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
Buy SlumberShade 3/8 inch Blackout Double Cell Shades
HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5

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Specialty Shaped Blinds - Six 6 Sided Double Cell Shades

I need a specialty shaped blind from the following material: Deluxe 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades. It is a 6 sided shape with top down needed. I have measurements and a template for this existing window. Can you do it?

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Energy Track Double Cellular Shades - Mounting Space

I am interested in your Energy Track 3/8" Translucent double cellular. My dimensions are roughly 69W x 54L. However, I have very limited header space for mounting. Can you tell me the width of the header rail?

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Cellular Shades for Doors | Cellular Shades Top Down Bottom Up

I have a few questions about some of the cellular shades you sell. Do the Signature or Translucent double cell shades come with a bottom rail to hold them in place. I plan on using them on my doors and I want a shade that is attached at the top and bottom so when the door opens and closes, the shades don't flop about. I also would like the top down bottom up feature so I don't know if the bottom rail works with that feature.

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Single vs. Double Cell Shades - Honeycomb Shades

Why are single cell shades less expensive than double cell?

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Standard Double Cell Shades vs. ComforTrack Shades

Have three questions about the double cell shades.
1. What is the difference between the ComforTrack and EnergyTrack products?
2. How durable are the plastic tracks?
3. What is the R-value difference between the ComforTrack 3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shades and the Deluxe 3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shades?

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Window Shades that Reduce Noise

I am looking for a blind that will reduce noise considerably and one that will reflect heat in the summer. What would you suggest? I would also like the window shades to be cordless!

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SlumberShades Blackout Double Cell Shades

ComforTrack 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades.

My wife wants the bedroom completely dark. I want to use the windows at either side of the bed. Can your Comfort Track double cell blind provide 100% room darkening when closed?

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ComforTrack Honeycomb Cell Shades - Side Track Shades

Please tell me the difference between EnergyTrack and ComforTrack 3/8" blackout double cell shades. ComforTrack is more expensive is it because its fabric is thicker and better materials? Is the EnergyTrack blackout double cell shades the same materials as the translucent which has a lot of pin holes?

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ComforTrack cell shades

Are the ComforTrack cell shades for indoor use only or can they be installed outside? If suitable for outside could the side rails be screwed instead of using double sided tape?

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Best Blackout Blinds and Black out Shades

Which are the blinds with the most blackout features?

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Energy Efficient Window Treatments - Energy Conservation Tips From Blinds Chalet
Energy efficient window treatments can translate into considerable utility bill savings. Though windows can be an attractive feature in any home, they can also account for 10% to 25% of a family's heating bill.... more
Honeycomb Cellular Shades Are One Of Many Energy Efficient Window Shades
Honeycomb cellular shades can be a great window shade that is both aestheically pleasing and conserves energy during both winter and summer. Window blinds do make a difference. Blind Chalet has created an energy calculator to give customers an idea of the savings your home could receive based on your square footage.... more
Blackout Window Shades See Rise in Popularity During Summer Months.
Blackout Window Shades have become the must-have window blinds for the summer time. These blinds block light and heat, reducing fading from UV rays and glare and eye strain from computer screens. Below are a variety of the types of blackout blinds available on the market and the benefits of each one:... more
Window Treatments for Mountain Living
Mountain living offers different challenges for decorating than other climates. In the mountains, wood expands and contracts depending on the season. The sun’s harsh UV rays have a higher rate of fading furniture and artwork than in other areas of the country. Not to mention, many people want their homes to have a look and feel of a mountain home, so not just any window treatments will work. For others energy efficiency is a priority.... more
Top Five Window Treatments for Nurseries
Bringing home a newborn baby is a life-changing moment. Parents want to offer their children the best life possible, and that starts with setting up a room that will offer comfort, calmness and a peaceful atmosphere. Everything from the color of the paint, to ceiling fans to window treatments can affect mood. Window treatments are especially important in nurseries because they can help control glare, adjust direct or indirect sunlight, provide insulation and more. ... more
Window Blinds and Shades Suited To Desert Environments
With one of the hottest summers in years sweeping the nation, people are looking for ways to stay cool in the summer heat. Window treatments are an easy, inexpensive way to help cut air-conditioning costs and to get a little relief from the sun. Below are some of the best blinds for desert living. Get relief from the heat immediately by ordering window treatments and blinds that have one or two-day production times.... more
Express Production Window Shades and Blinds
Designers aren’t the only ones who want window shades and blinds and want them now. People putting their house on the market may need window shades and blinds in order to increase their resale value of the home. If you’re having a wedding anniversary party, or other celebration and want to replace torn or worn window treatments, then you probably need express production window shades and blinds.... more
Measure the Difference ComforTrack Double Cell Shades Make
Fall is here. Despite record setting high temperatures across the country in the last few weeks, cold weather will be moving in soon. In the mountains, nighttime temperatures are already reaching into the 20’s and 30’s. There is no better time to help insulate drafty windows or single pane windows than with ComforTrack cell shades to keep the cold out and help reduce energy bills.... more
Energy Efficient Shades
With winter coming, many people are looking for energy efficient window treatments to help save money on energy bills. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that work to different degrees. Below are a few of the most popular energy efficient shades.... more
Best Noise Reduction Shades
Many people face challenges of noisy neighbors, trains, traffic, airplanes and more. For those who want a little peace and quiet in their homes, noise reduction shades are a perfect remedy. ... more
Green Window Treatments
Many people ask if there are ways to incorporate eco-friendly window treatments into their home design and still have a stylish appearance. There are. Bamboo offers and exotic flair to homes, while roller and solar shades give a subtle polished appearance to a room. Cell shades are probably the most plain as far as design goes, but the selection of rich, neutral colors are a great compliment to any room.... more
Top Reasons for Installing Blinds and Shades for the Holiday Season
As holidays roll around and family and friends come to visit, many people feel they spend more time getting the house ready than enjoying the holidays. One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods of updating a home for the holidays is by installing new window blinds and shades. Window blinds and shades can offer a variety of benefits as well as helping a house or home look more finished, more updated and more complete. The following are a few other good reasons to install window treatments before the holidays.... more
New Year – New Blinds
Sometimes New Years resolutions are made with the best intentions to keep them, but because of financial situations, they sometimes get pushed over from year to year. This year, why not fulfill those resolutions while there are sales and discounted items so that you not only get to cross that item off your list, but you get the sense of accomplishment of doing what you said you were going to do?... more
Cordless Blinds Remove Risks of Strangulation and Death for Children.
Every year children die or are injured from dangling cords attached to window treatments, blinds and shades. The threat comes from kids or pets playing near window treatments where they can become entangled in the cord. While organizations are set up to help educate parents about this issue, we don’t think there can be enough information about children’s safety.... more
Benefits of Honeycomb Cellular Shades
Most people have heard of cellular shades for the amazing benefits they offer as far as insulation and light filtering/blocking abilities. What most people don’t realize is that insulation is as crucial during the summer months as during the winter months. During the summer, insulation can help reduce air conditioning bills, keep a home cooler and block the harsh rays of the sun.... more
SlumberShades Rebate
SlumberShades, the official window treatments of the National Sleep Foundation, are being discounted with a $25.00 rebate from select manufacturers throughout the month of March, 2011.... more

Category: Blind Repairs

Window Treatments for Greenhouses
Greenhouses are incredible sources of light and warmth in the winter. However, winter nights, even with double paned windows can suck the warmth right out of the house. In the summertime without appropriate window treatments, greenhouse windows can literally cook a house, spiking the need for air conditioning and fans that drain precious energy resources.... more

Category: Window Covering Design Tips

Top Three Reasons to Buy Cellular Shades
Cellular window shades are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to improve the appearance of their home while reducing energy costs. Honeycomb, or cellular blinds are some of the most energy efficient blinds on the market today. While there are many benefits to installing honeycomb or cellular window treatments, the following are ranked as the top three:... more
Cellular Shades: Enjoy the Benefits
With so many different products available to fill the basic need for window coverings, consumers are sometimes impatient regarding those products that are new to them. They don't take the time to research products with which they haven't had experience. This often leaves consumers missing the benefits that are available with cellular shades.... more
Custom Window Treatment Manufacturers Vs. Mega-Chain Stores
Mega stores move into town. They offer lower prices and wider selections than mom and pop stores and suddenly the mom and pop stores close down, taking money out of the local economy and sending it to multi-billion dollar corporations. Before you start spending your money in a mega-store, consider what smaller stores that specialize in a specific product have to offer. When it comes to window treatments would you rather have cheap, or would you rather have quality at discount prices with blinds that fit the exact specifications of your window? Here are a few reasons to shop at on-line custom window treatment stores.... more

News Articles for "Double Cell Shade"

Blackout shades allow for uninterrupted sleep in a darkened room.
Deluxe double cell blackout shades combine energy savings and light control
Nov 4 2011

A cellular shade that combines energy savings with optimum light control to darken a room is available in one of Blinds Chalet's wide variety of cell shade selections.

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Honeycomb cellular shades are wonderful insulation for rooms in all seasons.
Many benefits come with versatile honeycomb cellular shades
Oct 21 2011

Honeycomb cellular shades have many benefits - great window insulation, easy use with a continuous cord and a wide color selection.

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ComforTrack double cell shades provide additional insulation against heat loss from windows in winter.
ComforTrack cell shade offers insulation and blackout fabric
Oct 17 2011

Cellular shades are a good choice for energy savings, because they offer good insulation from window drafts and strong sunlight. They come as both single cell shades or double cell shades, with double cells offering more insulation for rooms that need more protection from the elements.

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Adding energy-saving cellular shades can manage light and temperature in a room.
Honeycomb cellular shades have translucent and room darkening styles
Sep 23 2011

For an energy-saving window treatment, the honeycomb construction of cellular shades offered by Blinds Chalet offers insulation in all seasons.

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A mix of simple lines and traditional style are what consumers are choosing for their interiors.
High quality and long-term value are what consumers are seeking in design
Aug 30 2011

Consumers who have been re-evaluating their needs in terms of downsized lifestyles in recent years have begun to choose products for the long term as part of their decorating plans.

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Clean, uncluttered lines in decor is an emerging design trend.
Cleaner lines can be found in eco-friendly window coverings
Aug 15 2011

As New York interior designer Stephen Sills sees it, the days of accumulating "stuff" are over, and the overall look of a room is what counts.

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Finishing a basement expands the livable space in a home.
Finished basements offer expanded space and added value for a home
Apr 21 2011

When a family outgrows its home above ground, it's time to look below to design more living space in the basement.

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Changing an attic into livable space requires construction improvements to meet building codes.
Attic renovations are increasingly done to extend a home's livable space
Apr 11 2011

A recent survey by the Home Improvement Research Institute found that one out of five homeowners polled said they were planning to renovate their attics into livable space in the near future.

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A home reading nook should have window treatments that protect books from sun damage.
Cellular shades can block sunlight from damaging a book collection
Apr 5 2011

Creating a book lovers' haven in a den or in part of the family room can also provide an opportunity to organize the family's book collection.

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Choosing the perfect shades for your greenhouse will help reduce your energy bills.
Increase your energy efficiency with greenhouse shades
Apr 1 2011

The addition of cell shades or shutters will help to cut down on utility costs to make the space more functional.

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A recent study has found that 92 percent of Americans are aware of the dangerous risk of window pull-cords to small children, which has changed how many parents choose their window treatments.
Window cord safety awareness growing
Feb 14 2011

A recent study by the Opinion Research Corporation's Caravan for the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) relayed promising results relating to the issue of window cord safety awareness.

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Home buyers are looking for smaller homes, and builders are responding to the trend.
Cellular shades are an energy-conscious choice for today's smaller home
Jan 19 2011

Homes may be getting smaller, but consumers aren't willing to give up their storage space or energy-saving features, according to The Dallas Morning News.

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When retrofitting a house for energy savings, choose eco-friendly cellular shades for their insulating quality.
Energy savings of passive houses continue inside with cellular shades
Oct 8 2010

California's first retrofitted house using passive house specifications – and one of the first of its kind in the U.S. – will be open for public tours later this month.

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Noise reduction shades may help in noisy area concerts
Noise reduction shades may help in noisy concert areas
Jun 25 2010

The Coney Island concert series has been a community event for 32 years and now locals want to end the shows due to excessive noises. The Matzav reports that those affected have filed a lawsuit because they say that the concerts are already in violation of a law that prohibits "amplified sound within 500 feet of religious institutions."

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Too little sleep can lead to premature death
Too little sleep can lead to premature death
Jun 24 2010

A recent study conducted by British scientists has concluded that poor sleeping habits can actually lead to early death, according to the Huffington Post.

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