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Day and Night Shades offer you two shades in one. You are able to pull the shade all the way down in order to have a sun filtering shade, or you can pull the shade up and have a blackout shade. The Day Night Shade is a particularly popular product for RV's or Motor Homes. However, they work great in your home. Take a look at the Day and Night shades that we offer and order one for your home or RV today.

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Premier Day & Night Shades - Sheer/BlackoutSpecial Discount on Blindsdetails
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HoneyComb Cellular Shades from Blinds Chalet
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RV Blinds & Shades
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RV Blinds & Shades from Blinds Chalet
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RV Blinds & Shades from Blinds Chalet
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Day & Night Shades - Honeycomb Shades - Cellular Shades

The picture of the Day and Night Honeycomb shade shows the blackout shade covering only the bottom half of the window, with the filter shade on the top half. Does this indicate that the blackout shade raises to cover the window from the bottom up? Does the filter shade lower from top to bottom?

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Dark Blackout Shades Ideal for Migraine Sufferers

What shade or blind would you recommend for a migraine sufferer who sometimes needs the window to be almost totally blacked out? What sort of setup lets in the absolute minimum of stray light, while still being convenient to open and close?

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Screen Roller Shades - Phifer SheerWeave Roller Shades

I love how there is the openness on these Phifer SheerWeave 4000 Roller Shades - 5%. But I am concerned if others can see in from the outside through these?

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Motor Coach Blinds and Shades

Do you carry window blinds for mobile homes and RVs? I am looking for motor coach blinds and wondered what you have to offer.

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Privacy Solar Screen Shades

Can you advise me of a Solar Screen Shade that acts as a privacy shade as well? Where would I look on your web site?

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Top Down Bottom Up Day & Night Shades - Roman Shades

Do the Valencia Day & Night Shades have the capability of being able to have the top down and/or the bottom up?

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Day & Night Cell Shades with Top Down Bottom Up or Cordless

Does the Premier Day & Night Shades - Sheer/Blackout honeycomb cellular shade come CORDLESS and/or TOP DOWN BOTTOM UP?

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Day and Night Shades - Cell Shades - Atrium Door Shades

Can the Day and Night Shades be used on an Atrium door (one door opens and the other is stationary)?

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Light Filtering Cell Shades - Honeycomb Shades

I am planning to replace my cellular shades and could use some advice with the selection. The biggest problem with the current shades is that they did not provide enough light protection. The problem is not how much light filters through into the room - this is a living room and I actually like it bright. However, we have all afternoon/evening western sun exposure, and the surface of the shades itself becomes very bright, almost needing sunglasses when I look in that direction. Do I need to get room darkening cellulars instead, which as a side-effect would make the entire room a bit too dark, or would picking a darker color light-filtering type solve my problem?

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Room Darkening Blinds - Blackout Blinds

I just ordered colored swatches of your mini blinds. I am looking specifically for room darkening blinds in colors. Did I order the correct swatches?

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Roman Shades - How To Install
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Energy Efficient Window Treatments - Energy Conservation Tips From Blinds Chalet
Energy efficient window treatments can translate into considerable utility bill savings. Though windows can be an attractive feature in any home, they can also account for 10% to 25% of a family's heating bill.... more
Window Shades and Blinds May Help Reduce the Migraines
Window shades and blinds may reduce the occurrence of migraines. A recent study by Missouri State University’s Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences discovered “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep deprivation caused increased expression of the proteins which are known to play an important role in initiating and sustaining chronic pain,” reports The National Sleep Foundation.... more
Window Treatments for Mountain Living
Mountain living offers different challenges for decorating than other climates. In the mountains, wood expands and contracts depending on the season. The sun’s harsh UV rays have a higher rate of fading furniture and artwork than in other areas of the country. Not to mention, many people want their homes to have a look and feel of a mountain home, so not just any window treatments will work. For others energy efficiency is a priority.... more
Top Five Window Treatments for Nurseries
Bringing home a newborn baby is a life-changing moment. Parents want to offer their children the best life possible, and that starts with setting up a room that will offer comfort, calmness and a peaceful atmosphere. Everything from the color of the paint, to ceiling fans to window treatments can affect mood. Window treatments are especially important in nurseries because they can help control glare, adjust direct or indirect sunlight, provide insulation and more. ... more
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Benefits of Light Filtering Insulating Blinds
Light filtering blinds offer the benefits of several different blinds in one. These blinds combine the beauty and style of a Roman Shade with the insulating qualities of a Cellular Shade and the light filtering abilities of a Venetian Blind. They really are the all-in-one shades that provide style and more importantly energy efficiency.... more
Measure the Difference ComforTrack Double Cell Shades Make
Fall is here. Despite record setting high temperatures across the country in the last few weeks, cold weather will be moving in soon. In the mountains, nighttime temperatures are already reaching into the 20’s and 30’s. There is no better time to help insulate drafty windows or single pane windows than with ComforTrack cell shades to keep the cold out and help reduce energy bills.... more
Top Reasons for Installing Blinds and Shades for the Holiday Season
As holidays roll around and family and friends come to visit, many people feel they spend more time getting the house ready than enjoying the holidays. One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods of updating a home for the holidays is by installing new window blinds and shades. Window blinds and shades can offer a variety of benefits as well as helping a house or home look more finished, more updated and more complete. The following are a few other good reasons to install window treatments before the holidays.... more
Best Ways to Build Romance Over the Holidays
While winter wonderlands and sparkling lights stir romance in many, the realities of guests, kids and shopping often get in the way of holiday romance. It can be hard to feel sexy when a baby has just spit up on you, or you have lists to get done that run a mile long. However, it’s important to remember that our minds and our bodies need to relax in order to stay healthy and feel loved. ... more
SlumberShades Rebate
SlumberShades, the official window treatments of the National Sleep Foundation, are being discounted with a $25.00 rebate from select manufacturers throughout the month of March, 2011.... more
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Blackout Blinds, Routless Blinds and More
When I sleep, I want to sleep. I want my room to be dark because hopefully it is night when I am trying to go to sleep. I am fortunate that I sleep during the night and am awake during the day. Many people are not so fortunate. They take jobs where they work partially or completely through the night and have to sleep during the day. When the sun comes up, our bodies tell us we should be awake, even if we have only been sleeping for a few hours. Sleep studies show that people who sleep in dark, quiet rooms get a better night’s sleep than those who sleep in rooms with lots of light or noise. For those who sleep during the day, having the proper window treatments is exceptionally important.... more
Phoenix Blinds – The Sun Blinds Phoenix Windows, So Give Them Sunglasses!
The sun blinds Phoenix residents if they don’t use proper eye protection while outside; especially during the bright summer days. Our eyes have always been considered the “windows to our souls.” Those who live in the Grand Canyon State know how unhealthy it is to go into the light with no protective covering. Our homes have eyes too, in the form of windows! They too, must be covered in order to be protected, as the sunlight pouring into our home’s windows can be ruthless! Put sunglasses on your windows! Just as your eyes need to be covered, so do your windows. Here are a few of the problems that uncovered, unshielded windows can and will cause:... more

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Window Treatments for Greenhouses
Greenhouses are incredible sources of light and warmth in the winter. However, winter nights, even with double paned windows can suck the warmth right out of the house. In the summertime without appropriate window treatments, greenhouse windows can literally cook a house, spiking the need for air conditioning and fans that drain precious energy resources.... more

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How Wood Blinds and Mini Blinds Help Relieve Allergies
Allergy season is in full swing. In the mountains, Cottonwood trees and flowers are blooming and in the country, tall grasses and flowers are swaying in the wind, releasing allergy triggers. For those with bad allergies, the spring and summer can become a time of suffering. However, knowing how to furnish a home can help relieve allergy symptoms indoors.... more

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Black Mini Blinds Change the Face of Decorating
Black mini-blinds are often overlooked in favor of more neutral colors like white, cream or wood colors. However, black mini blinds create a dramatic effect in any room. The benefits of black window treatments go beyond a ‘wow’ factor - they are also practical. The benefits of black mini blinds are:... more
Window Blinds as a Home Improvement Rather Than a Design Expense
There are two different ways in which to view the purchase and installation of quality window blinds. Some consumers considering a major window blinds purchase see them strictly as a design expense. They see it as a monetary waste they should avoid at all costs. This group of consumers are missing the point and doing themselves a bit of a disservice at the same time. Knowledgeable consumers are aware that window blinds are not strictly a design expense. They are more of a valued home improvement. ... more
Making Vinyl Window Shades A Part Of A Home
There isn't a more effective window covering product when it comes to light blocking than vinyl window shades. Blackout shades are designed specifically to block all light from a room. They are a vital element in the home of many. ... more
How To Layer Window Treatments
Window layers can improve the insulation in a home as well as creating an atmosphere that works through the cold winter months as well as the balmiest summer days. It’s not practical for people to change out their window treatments with every season; it’s costly and window treatments can take up a lot of storage space, not to mention the time and effort it takes to hang and dismantle blinds and shades. Here are a few tips for layering window treatments to create effective and elegant blinds and shades that can work in any season.... more

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The Official Window Treatment of the National Sleep Foundation
Trying to function without appropriate amounts of sleep can result in delayed reaction time and symptoms similar to intoxication. With the proper rest, creativity increases, mood improves and efficiency increases. Many people who work during the night have a hard time getting the necessary sleep during the day as sunlight indicates to the body it should be awake. Creating a dark, comfortable atmosphere increases the chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Babies and children may also protest naps in rooms that get a lot of sunlight. The solution is the SlumberShade. ... more