Mar 7 2013
Measuring: I measured my own blinds!
Installation: I installed my own blinds!

Wow. Amazing. I was a little bit scared at first to take measurements myself, but I quickly learned inside from outside mount and felt confident with my abiliites. I just bought a house and had to cover all the windows. First started with the spare bedrooms and purchased 4 shades to make sure I liked the quality. My boyfriend installed them and the first was just a little bit frustrating for me, but he caught on quickly and I just let him do his thing. Soon after, I bought 12 more blinds for the house. It took him about 15-20 minutes/blind. For the price, the blinds are totally worth it. I got them in Off White, and even when down, they let in plenty of light so we don't even ever have to move them up unless we want the view. Lets in a good amount of light at night, but better to have the daylight during the day than black out then too. So glad we saved thousands of dollars and took this project on ourselves.
Paso Robles, CA