Window Blinds - A Worthy Expense

Apr 28 2010

Window blinds can be an inexpensive home purchase. However some see them as an expense that they would like to avoid at all costs. Don't miss the entire point of purchasing good, quality window blinds! They're not just a design expense. They're more like a good investment home improvement.

Agents looking to make their clients' homes stand out look first to curb appeal. These savvy agents almost always look first to upgrading or installing window blinds throughout the house. Some homeowners don't realize the importance of window coverings, but the presence of window blinds such as faux wood blinds, wood blindscellular shadesroman shades or other types of shades, can make a drastic difference to prospective home buyers. Potential buyers looking for their new home recognize positives and negatives of the homes they are shown almost subconsciously and window blinds are an addition that adds a lot of value to the home.  

Most people accept that window blinds are necessary. They fill basic functions in the home: light control and/or blocking and privacy. The wide variety of products available on the market ensure that regardless of size and placement...there is a product available for every situation. There are varying degrees of light control available from full light blocking to products that purposefully funnel natural light.

But the basic function of the window blind or shade is in no way the only thing that makes purchasing window blinds an advantage for most consumers. The design of the window blind doesn't focus solely on the basic function; they now provide a myriad of other desirable options and features.

Window blinds offer the advantage of additional curb appeal. They make a huge difference to potential home buyers. Due to the added value to the home they should be considered a home improvement; they add substantially to the home. The added value far outpaces the cost of purchase/installation. And energy savings offer an entirely different advantage.

Products that offer energy saving capabilities often save homeowners hundreds of dollars. Consumers interested in the possibility of saving money through energy saving window blinds products should access an energy savings calculator on a reputable website. They offer instantaneous estimates of the amount of money saved on the average utility bill with certain energy saving products installed. The estimates are based on the size of the home, number of windows, etc. Window Blinds are a home improvement that comes with 2 obvious advantages. The first is the added curb appeal and the second is the money saved through energy saving products. Today's home buyers have plenty of options when it comes to buying a house. Making sure homes for sale stand out in the crowded market is vital. And window blinds are the place to start.

Chris Stanley is a window treatments expert at Blinds Chalet. Blinds Chalet has more than 25 years of experience in the window coverings industry and strives to educate consumers about purchasing and installing window blinds before they buy.
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