How to Choose a New Couch

Apr 2 2013

It's time. You're tired of it. Your eyes swell up with tears because there were so many good memories. But, the light has faded and the dirt is permanent. There is no longer style to it and it's no longer comfortable. You feel bad, but you can't let it stick around any longer. Bite the bullet, get out there and find a new sofa, girl!

Finding the right couch is like looking for a good man. There are qualities unique to your needs that must be met. You've settled before and refuse to do it again. Take a moment to sit down and think about what makes you happy. This piece of furniture happens to be, perhaps, the most important (besides maybe your bed) because every single day you, your family and your guests sit on it. Sometimes you eat on it and often you sleep on it. While quite a few elements go into choosing the right sofa, here are five things to keep in mind when shopping for one.

Don't Settle

Be patient. If you're not ready to settle down just yet, put your couch in a self storage unit, much like having your go-to guy.

Unless you're one of these lucky women who always get what they want at the snap of the fingers, you may not find what you're looking for right away. Much like finding good men, you have to find the right fit with sofas. Don't you dare settle for anything less than you deserve. If you want leather and can only afford pleather, save a little more money for the good stuff. In the past, you just wanted something right then, sometimes forsaking comfort and charm, only to regret it when trying to cuddle up on it. But because you invested time and money into it, you had to live with it. We'll have none of that. Stand up for yourself. Decide what you want in a man ... I mean, a couch, and get it.

Do you want to swan dive into a large fluffy sofa or would you prefer to sit politely with good posture and legs crossed while sipping a martini? Would you prefer a bold pattern with a great big statement or a more subtle subdued charm that can be adorned with elements that pop and change with the seasons? Decide what you like, be patient and don't settle.

A Good Fit

Like the embrace of a man, your couch needs to be a good fit. If you like to melt into the arms, maybe a sectional would be an option. The corner spot is prime reality for a good cuddle. If you are tall, don't forget the length of the cushions. There is nothing worse than sitting on couch cushions that end halfway down your thigh.
Never Trust a Picture

When searching online, remember to NEVER just trust that the information given is sincere. Even with a picture. That photo could be ten years old and, since, the couch has been through the ringer. People can lure you in to believe anything. It's up to you to be strong and cautious of impostors. Again, talking about a sofa, not online dating, but it's the same with a possible date. The Internet gives people the opportunity to be anybody they want or advertise anything about a product to sell it. Be sure you do research and you won't be fooled again. Don't believe the pictures; go and see it for yourself. Bring pepper spray.
Style and Character

Start neutral and add pizazz. Too much activity on a fabric can take away from the whole purpose of the couch - to relax. Find a true and honest backdrop. Pillows and blankets can give it style and character. At then end of the day, you're going to strip off the adornments anyway and snuggle right up.
Enjoy the View

Regardless of what some people say, you have to like how it looks. There are three elements to a good couch—a solid frame, a soft and comfortable filling and a tough and durable fabric. Avoid plastic, pine and particle board frames as they are less durable and can bend with the weather. Good Housekeeping suggests a more substantial hardwood like beech, ash or kiln-dried oak for a long life of stability. While a solid, reliable core is ideal, a plump and cushy filling is necessary. Whether you choose top of the line goose down-wrapped high resilient foam or good ol' conventional foam, the insides are the meat of a man — er, couch. Lastly, consider a durable, reliable and dependent exterior fabric. For example, sometimes leather can be cold. Too much "cool" can take away from the purpose of a couch.

Imagine sleeping on it, eating on it, sitting on it and cuddling up in it. Your couch will be with you for the next phase of your life so be patient and don't settle for less than you want and deserve. Much like when looking for a partner, be sure it's the one (at least the one right now).
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