How To Check Out Your Handyman’s Online Reputation

Mar 26 2013

Face it, home repairs are a hassle and finding a reputable handyman is almost as bad. Luckily, online research makes it easier to find someone to get the job done right.

Aside from completing home repairs yourself, getting the wrong handyman in the house is about the worst thing that can happen. Many times so-called professionals show up, make a mess, and don’t really accomplish anything. Homeowners are left with a bill and a headache.

To make sure that a handyman is up to snuff, go online to double check that the hired help is not only capable of getting the job done right, but recommended by others.

Handy man drilling into wall
The Better Business Bureau is your best friend.

For more than a century, the Better Business Bureau has existed to provide consumers with reliable information about businesses. This information is compiled of both the good and bad reports generated by other consumers. So, it is safe to that that if the handyman in question has a good or bad reputation, the BBB will have evidence of it.

However, some handymen might not be listed with the BBB if they are not established as a business. That doesn't necessarily mean that the handyman is unreliable, but it does mean that checking the handyman's license or other necessary credentials is necessary.

You get what you pay for.

While the BBB is free, there are sites that offer all kinds of information about various contractors (including handymen) and businesses. The information is provided by other consumers who were either pleased with the work, horribly disappointed, or somewhere in between.

The benefit of a site like Angie's List is that users can read what consumers in their area have written about handymen in the area. It is sort of like having an entire town as a neighbor who is willing to dish out information about the good and bad handymen in the area.

Another benefit is that the handymen have to pay to be on the site as well. That alone shows that these contractors are at least interested enough in having a good reputation appear online should future clients decide to perform a search.

While that isn't a fail-safe in terms of getting a quality, reliable handyman, it is in the best interest of a contractor to perform well knowing that any work completed can be written about online.

Plumber checking pipes under sinkWhen all else fails. Google it.

In a world where "Google" has become a verb, people still seem to forget that typing in a few words into an Internet search can turn up a wealth of information. Try entering the name of the handyman into the search engine (any search engine) and see what crops up. Many times information on Yelp or other sites will offer some interesting insight. Don’t forget to check social media sites as well.

Another website that might crop up is, which lists several handymen all throughout the country. It doesn't provide reviews, but at least it shows other options should negative information crop up regarding a homeowner's first choice.

Get it done right the first time.

Using the information provided above, homeowners can relax knowing that it is possible to know what kind of person will show up to get the job done before the work even begins. That means the fear of some stranger traipsing through the house wearing dirty shoes and taking three days to finish even the simplest tasks is at a minimum. Then again, even if that does happen, be sure to take to the Internet and review the handyman so that others know what they're getting into.

Dana Rasmussen writes about home repair, home maintenance, and how to find the perfect handyman with a good reputation.
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