Window Blinds Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Dec 7 2009

After you buy window blinds, you will eventually need to clean them. It is true they are very simple to clean. Still here are some tips to keep your window blinds looking their best all year round.

Change of Season Means Time to Clean
Your blinds will need to be cleaned about four times a year. A good way to remember when to clean them is to clean them with the seasons. It will keep them looking new and in tiptop shape.

Cleaning Tips for Your Blinds
  • Aluminum and Vinyl - Wash with soap and water.

  • Fabric Blinds - A duster, vacuum, or compressed air work best.

  • Polyester Fabric Tapes - Wipe clean with a white cloth and some distilled water.

  • Real Wood and Faux Wood Blinds - A duster and a soft rag keep it nice and clean.

  • Faux Wood Only - You can use a damp rag to clean off stubborn spots.

Stubborn Stains

It is highly recommended that you always test stain remover on a non-visible site first. No matter how much the product says it will not stain, you just never know. Many people have ruined their blinds by "cleaning" with the wrong stuff. Avoid this mistake by testing every product every time. Even good products can go bad and leave a stain.

The most important factor is choosing blinds from a company you can trust. Wood blinds can be repainted, and faux can be scrubbed. However, fabric is more delicate. Therefore, you need to be careful and keep them clean to stay looking nice.
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