Fabric Roller Shades: PVC-Free

Jun 1 2010

One window treatment that adds a perfect element to almost any home is the Noble Translucent Roller Shade. It doesn't matter what season or what time of year...they offer a perfect decorative look that is offset with rich color choices that make every fabric roller shade an advantage to the interior design. The overall style of the product is designed to offer simple, clean lines that add warmth to interior spaces. The Noble Translucent Roller Shades come in classic shades: ivory, white and brown. They can compliment almost any interior space (commercial or residential).

Treading lightly on the earth is important to many consumers. These consumers look for eco-friendly products like roll-up blinds. Roller Shades are PVC-free; made with a polyester fabric with a unique ribbed pattern. It is important that fabric roller shades are PVC-free because PVC is harmful to humans and has long term negative effects on the environment.

"PVC is created by combining a high number of additives. This makes it very hard to recycle," reports Eco-cycle.org. "As a result of PVC incineration, dioxins form. Dioxins are a highly toxic chemical group that can build up in the food chain (human). PVC also poses environmental hazards; those same dangerous toxins can easily leach into groundwater and leave it contaminated and unsafe."

The secure grip spine (patented) of the fabric roller shade not only attaches the fabric to the roller but it prevents the fabric from falling off the tube. In addition...it also keeps the fabric aligned correctly making maintenance of the product easier. Prior to ordering roller shades consumers have to decide whether their shade is going to be mounted on the interior or exterior of the window's frame. This changes the measurements. Since most companies provide custom cut roller shades it is vital to have measurements accurate prior to ordering.

Consumers are looking for more and more eco-friendly options in window treatments. And the window coverings industry is giving them what they want. The higher the demand the more products are manufactured to meet the public's needs. Leading companies not only meet the eco-friendly needs of consumers, but they are actually interested in protecting the environment. These companies offer information to educate consumers on how they can do their part to protect the environment as well.

Examples of eco-friendly window treatments are: Eco-Green line of roller shades and solar screen shades and honeycomb cellular shades (noted for energy efficiency that decrease utility bills as well as pollution).

Another important concept to understand in order to be "green" in the window covering industry is quality. Quality products typically cost more, but they last much longer. Purchasing "cheap" products will often result in a useless product within one or two years that will end up in a landfill and require an immediate replacement. Purchasing quality products means that consumers will not have to "throw out" and replace their window treatments nearly as often. It greatly reduces the amount of waste. There are many companies that embrace this philosophy of providing high quality, lasting, eco-friendly products such as Patagonia clothing gear (and other producers of clothing/window treatment materials).

When it comes to the Noble Translucent Roller Shades almost any living environment is the perfect spot. Roller shades are "green." They are gorgeous. And they protect the interior of homes and offices from UV damage. They also last for a long time. So purchase your fabric roller shades today to avoid the heat of the coming summer.

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