Drowning out cell phone conversations with noise reduction shades

Jun 29 2010

Drowning out cell phone conversations with noise reduction shades
Drowning out cell phone conversations with noise reduction shades
A recent Ball State University survey found that 99.8% of all college students own cell phones, reports the Daily Nebraskan. The study took five years and found out that students use cell phones much more than computers.

With most college and high school students home for the summer, family and students alike may want to have increased privacy for cell phone conversations.

This can be a point of tension for everyone involved. Students may want their conversations to be secret and families might just want the noise to stop. That can get even more difficult if it's humid at night and the student is talking with the window open, while others are trying to sleep upstairs or next door.

Sometimes, it's not even helped if a student chooses to walk outside in the yard and talk, due to thin walls and even thinner shades.

Noise reduction shades can create a virtual blanket for these noises. Sound absorbing honeycomb shades are ideal for dulling late night banter or beeps. If the student wants more privacy, a good solution would be to hang these shades up on his or her windows. This way, the window can remain open, keeping air cycling during hot summer nights while the shades block noisy cellphone texts or calls.
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