Fauxwood blinds can be ideal for ambitious renovations

Jan 26 2011

Fauxwood blinds can be ideal for ambitious renovations
Fauxwood blinds can be ideal for ambitious renovations
When it comes to renovations, homeowners may be hesitant to perform any substantial construction because they never know how it will turn out. Michael and Sarah Sypher recently completed a three-year project on their new Kansas home, according to The Kansas City Star.

The couple still recalls the first time they saw their future abode, because the realtor was hesitant to even show it to them. In fact, it was advertised as a tear-down but Sarah fell in love with the architectural design, the large windows and double-sided fireplace.

Still, there were pests, water damage, and mold, but the couple loved the home so much that they decided to get to work and fix it up. Now, three years later, they say that the neighbors visit all the time to admire what they have done to their new residence.

It was even honored by becoming the first modern house on the Leawood, Kansas, historic register.

Those who are attempting similarly ambitious renovation projects may want to invest in dignified, yet durable window treatments. Fauxwood blinds have the appearance of real wooden blinds, but are much more affordable and can be easily cleaned of any debris.
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