Bamboo shades key to eco-friendly design

Jun 21 2010

Bamboo shades key to eco-friendly design
Bamboo shades key to eco-friendly design
When Seattle resident Wendy Jan wanted to rebuild her house she wanted to do it her own way. As a result, she ended up with a such an eco-friendly home that it became certified under the National Green Building Standard of the National Association of Home Builders - the first such certified house in Washington state.

According to the Seattle Times, Jans focused on building a house that was energy efficient and made from sustainable or recycled materials. She used bamboo in a number of places, most prominently in her flooring. Despite her success, Jans did not know much about building green before she started.

"If I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right," Jans told the news outlet. "I learned from this project that there are many shades of green."

While Jans used bamboo in flooring, the material can be equally effective in eco-friendly decorating when it comes to window treatment. Design experts suggest that bamboo shades can be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

“The younger generation, as they’re graduating and going out in the workforce and traveling, they’re demanding these environmentally sustainable building types," industry expert Rajesh Chandnani said in a release.
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