Faux wood blinds can be key to a better bathroom

Dec 16 2010

Faux wood blinds can be key to a better bathroom
Faux wood blinds can be key to a better bathroom
During the holiday season, many homeowners may be looking for ways to add a little more class to their bathroom. The Boston Globe recently shared a few tips that one can use in order to refresh a tired-looking washroom.

One of the most important design details to remember is that a practical addition to the bathroom can generally be better than any lavish one. While a hot tub may seem like a luxurious touch, it is also likely to be an expensive and superfluous endeavor.

The news source suggests that homeowners should instead try to install stylish cabinets that can be used to store spare toiletries and beauty products. This way, one can still touch up the bathroom with an aesthetic element while also making sure that it serves a function.

Natural lighting should be another priority. Windows can bring in a healthy glow to the space, while overhead lighting can often feel stale. Privacy issues can be resolved with dignified window treatments such as faux wood blinds. These particular blinds are suited for bathrooms, because they are durable and easy to clean.
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