Vertical blinds are a good choice to control lighting in an organized playroom

Oct 15 2010

The right kind of storage results in an organized playroom.
The right kind of storage results in an organized playroom.
With Barbie clothes and Legos scattered everywhere, organizing a playroom may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The goal is to create what a playroom needs most – enough space to play.

The Today Show's organizing expert, Elizabeth Mayhew, recommends starting with a clean-out of toys that children have outgrown. Children can be involved in some of the process, particularly to make a donation pile for others who can use the toys.

When choosing bins for storage, smaller may be better. It's easier to group similar toys, and to find items, in smaller bins than in a large toy box, Mayhew advises. Freestanding shelving units should be tethered to a wall to prevent toppling accidents. Shelves and bins should be labeled to find certain toys easily. For children who don't read, use pictures instead of words in the labels.

For different types of play activities, a variety of lighting may be necessary, and that includes natural light. Choosing vertical blinds for large windows in a playroom allows light to fill the entire room or they can be adjusted to let in partial light. A variety of colors and materials available in vertical blinds allow them to be matched to the room's décor.
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